The Baruch Ivcher Institute for Brain Cognition

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Prof. Amir Amedi

The Baruch Ivcher Institute for Brain Cognition and Technology investigates a vast range of topics from the fields of neuroscience and psychology, by using a wide array of technologies and research methods.

The main aim of our research is to understand the interplay between nature and nurture in shaping up the human brain.

1) What is the role of human experience throughout lifetime in shaping human perception?

2) Are the sensory cortical areas in the brain (such as "the auditory” and “visual cortex") subject to massive changes during an individual's life?

3) are sensory cortical areas just in charge to transduce external input (light, frequency) in sensory information (perception) or are they in charge to solve specific tasks (i.e. object recognition, reading, spatial layout, time perception) independently by the sensory modality used (sensory independent)?

4) Finally, can we train the brain to perceive and process sensory information that goes beyond normal perception of the human species, such as, ultra and infrared sounds which are perceivable only by certain non-human species?

Answers to these questions can lead to a change in the paradigm by which we evaluate the postulates of cortical organization and plasticity of the human brain.