We are currently accepting applications for graduate and postdoc fellowships in the fields of multisensory perception, VR development and cognitive science, brain plasticity and brain connectivity, and auditory and visual immersivity. We are seeking motivated, independant and team-players to join us. We are always looking for enthusiastic undergraduate students who wish to learn and contribute to the lab and participate in our studies. In many instances undergraduate projects evolve to first steps of an M.A.



PostDoc and PhD Positions


For the PostDoc position:

applicants should have a PhD or equivalent degree in Neuroscience, Psychology, Bioinformatics, Medicine, engineering, physics or computer science background. 

For PhD positions: 

applicants with engineering, physics or computer science background are encouraged to apply (but candidates from Neuroscience or related fields background will also be considered). 

Prior experience in functional imaging, Matlab, TMS, data analysis or modeling would be an advantage.

Both positions are funded by an EU-FP7 grant and by a Human Frontiers Science Program grant. 


Applications including a CV, a short statement of research interests, and contact info of two referees should be sent to Amir Amedi:

Graduate Student Position

We are currently seeking a highly qualified graduate student to join our research. Part of the work might be undertaken in Europe as part of a cross- laboratory collaboration.


Student applicants from a variety of backgrounds are well suited to pursue our interdisciplinary research:  degrees can include Cognitive sciences,  Psycho-biology, Psychology, Computer Science, biology, engineering, and design.


Applicants should submit a grades transcript, with a short statement of research interests to Amir Amedi:


Keywords: Cognitive neuroimaging, artificial vision, multisensory integration, brain plasticity, topographical mapping, vision, audition, touch, clinical rehabilitation, accessibility, virtual environments, mobility, navigation, computer-vision, scene segmentation, object identification, visual rehabilitation, bionic eyes, visual prosthesessensory-modality-independence, sensory integration, adult brain plasticity.


מתנדבים לניסויי ההתנהגות ו/או ניסויי ההדמייה (fMRI) שלנו

אנו תמיד מחפשים מתנדבים (רואים/ עם עיוורון) שיסכימו להשתתף בניסויי ההדמיה המוחית שלנו. דימות ב- fMRI אינה חודרנית ואינה רדיואוקטיבית. שיטה זו הינה חלק אינטגרלי מהמחקר המדעי שלנו.